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Star Paradise

Brighter would be the Light For the fire Burns in End Has shown all its Might Even the roughest bonds mend But as the Alarm passes Making those Minds cry Demand for Remnants rises As the Sources die Larger they battle in fate As the Supernovas Rain Widens the Tremendous hate Amongst them, lives would drain A script would come and land From the core of Blasting Star Many would try to open band Without expert they would go no far Lucky would be those who read it Even more if they understand The Words, you have to worth it Or nothing would seem in hand It's you who made this place burn So wake up, these things were never fun Or be ready to get yourself churn Even if you try yourself to Run Nothing was so worse until you came So much sadness did never Rain Caster was the creator whom you can't blame The destruction was creation of your brain No matter even if the stars are dead The creator can provide energy again Just go and talk, with littl

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