Star Paradise

Brighter would be the Light
For the fire Burns in End
Has shown all its Might
Even the roughest bonds mend

But as the Alarm passes
Making those Minds cry
Demand for Remnants rises
As the Sources die

Larger they battle in fate
As the Supernovas Rain
Widens the Tremendous hate
Amongst them, lives would drain

A script would come and land
From the core of Blasting Star
Many would try to open band
Without expert they would go no far

Lucky would be those who read it
Even more if they understand
The Words, you have to worth it
Or nothing would seem in hand

It's you who made this place burn
So wake up, these things were never fun
Or be ready to get yourself churn
Even if you try yourself to Run

Nothing was so worse until you came
So much sadness did never Rain
Caster was the creator whom you can't blame
The destruction was creation of your brain

No matter even if the stars are dead
The creator can provide energy again
Just go and talk, with little plead
But do share it, don't try to invade again

Caster's place is beautier than all
But a guard protects it all over
No battle can ever make him fall
If he gets near Caster's infinite power

But nothing ever passes the same
Even a huge plan is being made
It's a bloody fighting game
Which only ends with an invade

Something would definitely occur
Which may make everyone to suffer
But a planned rebirth would surely occur
Because there's a thing which will act as buffer

At the End....
Remembering the Epoch of Dawn
A time would come, who would warn
This wasn't just a piece of Lawn
It was a Paradise, which you made Burn

It's you who made end to rise
Only you made Caster Paralyze
Eliminate your Devil, stab its Rise
Only then you could see another Star Paradise.

-Ashitosh Yadav (SpaceBaar Arts Club)